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The Summary of Major IR and IRS Tax Forms


Official Tax Forms

Broadly speaking, a tax form is a document that the government requires a taxpayer or citizen to file with an appropriate official to disclose and detail income subject to taxation, or other related financial (or potentially financial) information.

The United States

The various main IRS tax forms have been identified, and are listed along with a description of their purpose, etc. Along with this, direct linkage is provided so that you can immediately download the form of interest (PDF format)

Over one hundred forms are now included.

United States, IRS Tax Forms

The United Kingdom

The major tax forms have been identified by topic segment: Benefits-In-Kind, Pensions, Inheritance Tax, VAT, Self Employment, Travel, Child Benefit, Capital Gains.

From here the individual forms are identified (IR136, 480, IR115, IR145, CF10, SA103, SA104, CGTFS1, SA108, C 104A, C 5, C 108, C 179B, C 3, C 33, GAR, C 5, C 108, C 179B, C 3, C 33, C 902A, GAR, IHT100, IHT200, IHT500, C1, C5 CH2, BG1, CH24A , VAT 1, ...) with a direct link to the download source at the Inland Revenue.

UK Tax Forms




The TaxWorld Mission

To provide easy to access information to all tax payers and students of taxation systems.

Coming Soon:

We are currently expanding this section to include a wider range of forms.

Types of Tax

There are many types of tax, both direct and indirect. The most common are: income tax, property tax, inheritance tax, sales tax (eg: VAT), transfer taxes, coproration tax, retirement tax and capital gains tax.

Interesting Tax Stats

In the US, the top 1% of taxpayers by income pay 33% of all individual income taxes, the top 5% of taxpayers pay 54.5%, the top 10% of taxpayers pay 67.4%, and the top 20% pays 82.5%. This is fairly similar to many other major economies.